The Buddha Justice Fan Club

"Next week, on BUDDHA JUSTICE…" and the tape cuts to static. Antimony looks shell-shocked. "That’s… it? That’s the whole thing?" "That’s it," Simon nods, ejecting the tape with solemn reverence.


"We know," replies Melody, her voice a conspiratorial whisper. "It makes no sense at all. Why would they dump it at the height of its popularity?"

Antimony snorts. "Nine episodes into the first season?"

Melody, unfazed, radiates zeal. "Rumour has it there was another motive behind the cancellation. That the cast-"

Simon cuts her off with an ultimatum: "In or out, Tim? Right now."

He hesitates, but then– "I'm in."

"Good," replies Simon, taking a densely packed three-ring binder from the shrine and opening it carefully to the last page. "Now sign the goddamn petition."


This was the original Buddha Justice story (just over four years old (!)), which I'm including for context.